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i i i l i i i i t O i l l l l ! HTEREEEHNAAAASEN N

N N N N N l ti H illi 3

Passed in Paper 15 (Sah/Vya/PJ/SJ/SY/Pur/Nya/DV/VV/AV/Aga/Mim/DS/VB): 20ACSSAO43 (20050087) 20ACSSAO92 (20050100) 20ACSSA050 (20050088) 20ACSSA097 (20050102) 20ACSSAO51 (20050089) 20ACSSA101 (20050105) 20ACSSA115 (20050108) 20ACSSA140 (20050119) 20ACSSAO53 (20050142) 20ACSSA082 (20050145) 20ACSSA191 (20050162) 20ACSSA194 (20050164) 18ACSSA153 (18050080) Only Result with held in III Sem Acharya 20ACDAV173 (20050032) 20ACDAG073 (20050044) 20ACVVY056 (20050062) 20ACVVY151 (20050072) 20ACSSA113 (20050107) 20ACSSA133 (20050118) 20ACSSA179 (20050122) (20050129) (20050128) (20050147) 20ACSSA202 (20050125) (20050141) 20ACSSA003 20ACSSA004 20ACSSA041 20ACSSA124 20ACSSA153 (20050152) Only CONTROLLER EXAMINATIONS eBETT5:/Controller of Examinations National Sanskrit University sy (3i.1.) / TIRUPATI (A. Copy to: The Dean, Academic Affairs, NSU, All Deans of schools, NSU All Heads of Departments, NsU The Assistant Registrar/SO Academic, NSU. ICT Lab, with a request to host results notification on website. All Notice Boards, File.